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(You can hear me play on YouTube too, and sample some of my tutorials there as well.)

Audio   Mazurka in A minor Op.67 No.4   by Chopin

The mazurka is a Polish folk dance in triple meter, but Chopin's take on the mazurka (he wrote more than fifty of them) is anything but folksy.

Audio   Allegro from Sonatina in C   by Clementi

Probably the most famous of Clementi's works. You can hear the Andante (the 2nd movement) here on my blog, where I also talk about the pros and cons of the digital technology I used to record this music.

Audio   Variation #4   by Frederic Mompou (from Variations on a Theme by Chopin)

To help me make videos for an instructional website, I bought a digital keyboard (Roland FP7). I recorded this piece on it using the Garritan Virtual Steinway, whose samples reside on my Mac.

Audio   Allemande   by J.S. Bach (from French Suite IV)

This is one of those perpetual motion pieces I love to shape through sweeping changes in dynamics (loudness and softness). I build it up to a grand climax at the end. Recorded live at our 2005 spring concert.

Audio   Remembering the Music Man    by Bruce Siegel

One summer's evening I went to see one of my students perform in the "The Music Man." As I was driving home, still savoring the sweet feelings evoked by all that I had seen and heard, this piece began writing itself.

Audio   Reindeer Rag   by Joseph Lamb

Along with Scott Joplin and James Scott, Joseph Lamb was one of the top three ragtime composers at the beginning of the 20th century. I love to play his music and Reindeer Rag is a treasure.

Audio   What the Heart Knows   by Bruce Siegel

The name says it. Also from our 2005 concert.

Audio   More Than the Blues  by Bruce Siegel

I recorded this piece in the early 90's. Listening to it now (2005), I'm struck by its at times ferocious energy. What began as an exercise for a student--a simple format for practicing blues improvisation--morphed into something else entirely.

Audio   At Times I Can Fly   by Bruce Siegel

When I first got Sibelius, the music notation software, it was a revelation to me. It was such a pleasure to be able to make easy revisions and print out beautiful, professional-looking scores, that I was inspired to write a bunch of new pieces. This is one of them.

Audio   Night Ride    by Bruce Siegel

Written for some of my younger students.

Audio   Sicilienne    by Gabriel Faure

I feel a deep affection for the music of the French masters of the late 19th and early 20th century. Other favorites are Debussy, Ravel, and Poulenc.

Audio   Gotta Move    by Bruce Siegel

Another of my blues pieces, considerably mellower than "More Than the Blues." Ten years later, I guess that's true of me too.

Audio   Minuet in E flat    by Beethoven

Beethoven at his most gracious, with only a hint of his characteristic thunder in the B section.

Audio   Sarabande   by J.S. Bach (From Partita in c minor)

I originally studied this piece with Henrietta Wendt at Juilliard, in my teens. There's something satisfying about knowing that music I loved all those years ago, I still love today.

 Audio   Patricia Rag   by Joseph Lamb

Some players emphasize the flashy aspects of this style. I like to bring out the softer side as well, and there's plenty of opportunity for both in this gem. The opening theme is wistful and shy, while the finale overflows with the exuberance that made ragtime the rock 'n roll of the early 20th century.

Audio   Bourree II   by J.S. Bach (from Partita in B minor)

More Bach! Here's an entry from my music journal:

“My practicing has been rather dull lately, focused on what I think I should be doing. But today was a turning point. It began with the Bach B minor Bourree, playing it from the heart, as I always have. Simply pouring myself into the notes of this little piece and creating the perfect interpretation for me."

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