Brief bio of the composer, pianist, teacher.

Music was the best part of my childhood. At six or seven, I liked to walk around the house singing Silent Night. My parents were proud of my ability. As Jews, they were also concerned about my choice of repertoire.

In my teens, I'd conduct the Beethoven Fifth, ecstatically, furiously, as it roared from the speakers of our hi-fi. My sister listened to Johnny Mathis and the Beatles. I pretended to be above her music. Secretly, I loved it.

I began taking piano lessons when I was six. Nobody had to tell me to practice. Later—I'm not sure when or how—I began to compose. I have notebooks crammed with melodies I jotted down during those years.

I studied at the Juilliard School Pre-College Division when I was a teenager, with a wonderful piano teacher, Henrietta Wendt. I also studied theory and composition during my years at Juilliard. At Baldwin-Wallace College I wrote and performed music for the theater, and played in vocal and instrumental recitals and concerts. I received a Bachelor of Music degree in 1969.

During the 1970's I played and sang original material in clubs, worked as an accompanist, and served as music director for the stage. I've developed a passion for teaching over the years, and have found a new outlet for it with my latest project (2010),

Besides music, my interests include spirituality and metaphysics, primal therapy, sports, history, and paintings. I also enjoy the graphic arts, and am the designer and creator of this website as well as DoctorKeys.

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