The pianists, singers, and composers you're about to hear represent a wide spectrum of ages and levels of ability. Equally far-ranging are the musical styles we explore.

Enjoy these audio clips, many of which were recorded live at one of our annual spring concerts. Just click the Audio links to listen.

(This page has become an archive of sorts—it was last updated in 2005.)

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Audio   Live in concert, Tara plays and sings her original song "Promises."
  Tara sings another original, "Everyday Dreamer," with me at the piano.

When Tara began studying with me eight months before making these recordings, she was an extraordinary singer (having studied for five years with Judy Davis, teacher to Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand, and Tina Turner). But she was just getting started at the piano and had yet to write her first song.

Audio    Robert plays Clementi's Sonatina in C opus 36 #1.
Audio    Robert plays and sings "Unforgettable." His mom, Pam, sings with him.

Robert's versatility was evident at this concert. He perfomed a classical sonatina, and then played and sang, with his mom, a pop standard. As you can hear, Robert and Pam make quite a duo.


Audio  Joanna plays Debussy's Arabesque in E. Joanna is a freelance performer and teacher (piano and flute), and director of musical theater. She holds a Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the University of Southern California.

Audio  Feri plays Robert D. Vandall's Prelude No.7 in B minor.
Audio  Feri and I play "Dancing Song," arranged by Robert D. Vandall for four hands.

Like Tara, Feri was a beginner at the piano and had only eight months of study with me when we recorded these snippets. Read Feri's Story.

Audio    Rafi plays and sings "Fire and Rain."
Audio    Rafi plays Speed Zone by Robert Vandall.

Rafi is highly focused at her lessons and has made great progress in the brief time we've spent together. At our recent concert, I was touched to see her mom, Ariela, in tears as Rafi played and sang "Fire and Rain." Turns out Ariela used to sing Rafi to sleep with it.

Audio    I love the way Nori plays my arrangement of Bach's Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring. Nori is a pastor in San Bernardino.

Audio    Nori sings, and she also creates stunning arrangements like this one of Dona Nobis Pacem.

Audio   Christophe plays his own composition "En Reve." After studying with me for about five years Christophe moved to Maui, where he continues to perform and to teach piano.

Audio   "Prelude," also written by Christophe.

Audio  Gabe plays the first movement of Robert Vandall's "Jazz Sonatina". Gabe is also a trumpeter and percussionist and performs in three school ensembles.
Audio  Gabe plays his dynamic and bluesy original piece, "Purple Hair."

Audio   William plays and sings "Close to You." William is a lawyer; when not busy defending the rights of his clients, you might find him composing, or acting in independent films.

Audio    Adriana plays "Dance of the Irish" by Faber and Faber.

Adriana began playing the piano less than a year ago. But as you can hear from this little snippet, recorded live at her first recital, she plays with authority!

Audio    Sophia plays and sings her own original song, "Hey Now." As singer/actress/dancer, Sophia has performed leading roles in many school and summer musical productions.

 Audio    11-year-old Mathew plays "Song of Kilimanjaro" by Faber and Faber. Mathew's repertoire used to consist mainly of rock oldies like Hey Jude and Hang on Sloopy. These days (as you'll hear) his taste is a lot more sophisticated.

Audio   Here's another parent/child duet: Theresa and her dad, Andy, in a spirited rendition of "This Old Man," arranged by Robert Vandall. Andy (solo recording below), his wife Danielle, and her mother, Susan, also study with me, so I have the pleasure of teaching three generations in the same family.

    Riley plays and sings Yakety-Yak. With her love for singing, piano/vocals are a natural for her.

Audio    I like this recording of "Bread and Butter" Riley made after just a few weeks of lessons.

Audio    Breanna plays & sings a rock 'n roll classic. She made this irresistible little recording after only a few weeks of study.

Audio    Andy got some big laughs at our June 2004 recital, playing and singing Tom Lehrer's satirical "The Wild West is Where I Wanna Be." Andy, who lives four houses down from me, is a dedicated amateur astronomer and has built an observatory in his own backyard.

    Priya plays and sings her original song, "On My Own." It is her first composition, written to fulfill an assignment at our first lesson. Priya is a music industry major at The University of Southern California.                 

Audio    Matthew B. plays one of his stirring, romantic, original compositions. These days, Matthew lives and makes music in Arizona.

"Prelude No. 7 in B minor" is by Robert D. Vandall, from "Preludes, Volume One." Copyright 1984 by Myklas Press. Now available from Alfred Publishing.

"Speed Zone" is by Robert D. Vandall. Copyright by Myklas Press. Now available from Alfred Publishing.

"Dance of the Irish" is from "PianoAdventures, A Basic Piano Method," by Nancy and Randall Faber. ©1993 by THE FJH MUSIC COMPANY INC. Used by permission.

"Song of Kilimanjaro" is from "PianoAdventures, A Basic Piano Method," by Nancy and Randall Faber. ©1993 by THE FJH MUSIC COMPANY INC. Used by permission.

"Jazz Sonatina" is by Robert Vandall, copyright © 1984 Bradley Publications. All rights assigned to and controlled by CPP/Belwin, Inc. Miami, Fl 33014

"This Old Man" is arranged by Robert Vandall, from "Folk Songs for Two." Copyright © 1993 by Myklas Press. Now available from Alfred Music.

"Dancing Song" is arranged by Robert Vandall, from "Folk Songs for Two." Copyright © 1993 by Myklas Press. Now available from Alfred Publishing.

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