Bruce Siegel's
Piano Lessons
in Los Angeles

For more than twenty years, I've been sharing my passion for music and the piano with children and adults of all ages. They range from 5-year-olds to 75-year-olds, beginners to professionals.

Lessons are custom-tailored to the student's goals and stylistic preferences, including classical, pop, rock, praise, Broadway, ragtime, folk, blues, and more.

The Top Three Myths About Learning to Play the Piano  In this article, I talk about reading music vs. playing by ear, the secret to great piano technique, and how to practice.

Success!  Read about some of my students and the work we've done together. (You can hear their music, too.) I've chosen a diverse cross-section in the hope that one of these stories might resonate with you.


Hear Bruce play.

Piano lessons in Los Angeles for children & adults.  What I offer and how I teach.

FAQs  Includes rates, location, contact info and much more. Though I've always had a passion for classical music, there's a whole other side to me. Check out my video tutorials (over one million YouTube views and counting!) that teach you to accompany yourself in pop, rock, folk and blues styles.

Student Stories and Other Articles.

Slideshow!   I teach music, collect art scans, and make obscure jokes. And now, I'm happy to report, I've found a way to combine all three online.

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